Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Plan - Comments PLEASE!!

Hi all,

So after recovering from the exam I was keen this morning to put up the main ideas I have for my blog so far and my plan, my draft is a little rough but i hipe to put it up tomorrow night.

Intro - discuss what relationships are, types, and their differences across cultures, introduce my relationship that will be used as the case study/ primary example for this essay (include basic details about mine and my boyfriends backgrounds in culture and related issues)

- Similarity/ birds of a feather concepts and associated theory e.g self monitoring
- Attraction/ Views of Attractiveness across cultures
- Ethnocentrism
- Propinquity
- Social Exchange Theory - e.g costs of the relationship such as changing views on religon culture as well as citizenship etc
- Cultural Compentancy - such as understanding cultures and language barriers etc
( all theories I will link to my own relationship and give examples in ways that I think the theory is present (or not) )
Conclusion - More research is needed as these varying types of cross cu;tural relationships form such as families that are made up of parents from different backgrounds etc

Does anyone have any suggestions of any other theories i should use or think that the theories I have suggested are appropriate???
All ideas are welcomed !!!
Beck =)

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James Neill said...

Hi Beck,

Some quick thoughts:

1. Clarify the question/topic/purpose early on.
2. Consider including a table or figure to summarise your examples and connect with theoretical concepts
3. Conclusion - work on clarifying what your key conclusions will be about CC relationships.
4. Other possibly relevant topics which come to mind are: Social learning (modelling), Contact hypothesis / mere exposure effect, and cross-cultural self-efficacy (e.g., Anita Mak's EXCELL).
5. Try to ensure that you've tracked down some key peer-reviewed theory/research articles on cross-cultural relationships, e.g,. how do people in such CC relationships differ from people in ethnically homogenous relationships? e.g. I saw an article recently about some notable differences in ways problems are handled in homosexual vs. heterosexual relationships.